Top-notch Persian Rug Cleaning in Bonalbo

      Do you recall the awe you felt when you first unrolled your new Persian rug? We can make you feel that magic once again with our top-notch persian rug cleaning in Bonalbo. The professionals at Spark Rug Cleaning Bonalbo understand that your Persian rug is a valuable investment. So, we aim for a 100% clean and germ-free rug that shines like a new one.

      Spark Rug Cleaning Bonalbo is a trustworthy rug cleaning company with decades of rug washing experience. Our rug cleaning method is intended to be as gentle as possible on your valuable flooring. We utilise a water-based, low-foam, safe rug cleaning solution suitable for all types of rugs.

      If you think it’s time you need Persian rug cleaning experts to look after the cleanliness of your rug, then contact us right away. Our crew is always ready to help you. Once you connect with us, our rug cleaning specialists will be at your home to care for your authentic Persian rug. No matter if it’s a pet urine stain, dust, dirt or dullness, we can make your flooring spotless with our advanced cleaning methods. So, connect with us now and be ready to see the magic.

      Tips for Persian Rug Care

      With decades of experience in cleaning rugs, Our Persian rug cleaning experts have come to know about how you can keep your rugs in good care for the long run. Your Persian rug can survive for many years if properly cared for. With these recommendations, you’ll be able to properly maintain your Persian rug ensuring that the rich colours and intriguing designs withstand domestic wear and use.

      1. Vacuum Regularly

      Your Persian rug’s fibres might become compacted by heavy foot traffic if you do not vacuum it on a regular and thorough basis. Debris and ground-in dirt can also wreak havoc on the rug’s fibres.

      Begin by flipping your flooring over and running your vacuum over its backside a few times. By churning the surface with the beater bar down (but set high) at this time helps dislodge any entrenched dirt.

      When pulling dirt from a Persian rug, suction is necessary, so ensure that the beater bar is on the maximum setting when vacuuming the front side. A beater bar with a low set might develop into the pile and cause harm. Vacuum gently in the direction of the fibres, then repeat the operation.

      2. To Prevent Fading, Avoid Excessive Sunlight

      A little continuous fading overtime is unavoidable, but it may give your rug a one-of-a-kind, antique-aged appearance. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, on the other hand, might result in significant fading and the weakening and brittleness of the fibres.

      If you have a Persian rug in a room that gets a lot of direct sunlight, you may help it by adding sheers, curtains, or UV-filtering window tints. Close the drapes or reposition your rug while the room is not in use to avoid direct sunlight from reaching it.

      3. Untangle Fringes by Flipping the Rug

      Persian rug fringes can easily become twisted. To prevent harming the natural fibres, comb them out carefully. It is advisable to spin the rug end-over-end so that the fringe may naturally straighten out. You can do this by grabbing one end of the rug and walking it over the other. In addition to this technique, you may gently shake the rug to help straighten the fringe.

      For professional assistant and the best Persian rug cleaning in Bonalbo, connect with us right away.

      Safeguard Your Rug with a Stain Protector

      Mishaps can happen anytime. So, it is necessary to protect your valuable Persian rug with a stain protector. Our stain protector wraps a shield around each rug fibre to prevent dirt, dust, and liquids out of the carpet.

      We use a stain protector to preserve your rugs after professional rug cleaning. When professionally applied, it helps prevent all forms of oil and water-based spills and stains from becoming permanent.

      If you want to apply a stain protector on your rug, it is recommended that you use this after you have washed your hands. Here are some perks of having stain protector:

      • Professionally applied
      • Non-toxic and safe for pets and family
      • It does not affect the appearance or feel of carpets and rugs
      • Dries rapidly and leaves no stink
      • Triple Protection Formula — repels spills, prevents stains, and resists soiling

      We apply stain protectors according to customers’ requirements. However, rug cleaning specialists always recommend rug owners safeguard their rugs with a stain protector. Imagine a wine spill spreading on your rug’s surface, but you know that it won’t harm the fabric? Isn’t it a relief? That’s why, connect with us and talk to our experts.

      We offer top-notch Persian rug cleaning in Bonalbo. So, do not wait for the stain to go deeper into your rug and damage it internally. Call us now and be worry-free. You can also connect with us for Commercial Rug Cleaning Services.


      1. Can a decade-old rug be cleaned?

      Yes, our well-versed professionals can clean your antique, dust, and soil hidden, delicate Persian rug and make it look like a new one.

      2. Can a Persian Rug be cleaned by oneself?

      Persian rug cleaning and care is an art. It needs exact treatment, skill, and equipment. If not cleaned appropriately it can cause irreversible damage.

      3. Can I prolong the life of your Persian rug?

      Yes, professionals at Spark Rug Cleaning Brisbane can provide prestigious services to handle your rug with care. We can assess your rug to give you a genuine idea of how excellently we can clean it or, in some cases, restore it.

      4. Can I make an online booking?

      Yes, we have a unique, online booking system. You can call us, we also provide a home pickup and delivery service to make sure your Persian Rug delivery is a breeze.

      5. Is any extra care required after the rug is cleaned?

      No, there’s no extra care required after getting the rug cleaned. You can simply shake it up or blot it up to dust it. After three years it can be cleaned again by our experts.

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