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      Process of Cleaning Rugs at Spark Rug Cleaning Brisbane

      Are you looking for a way to get rid of rug dirt and stains? We all love our valuable rugs. However, the dirt accumulation and stains incur frequently. The only way to save these rugs is to act quickly by availing of professional rug washing Brisbane. Rug stains can be difficult to remove as they become dry. We strongly advise that you contact Spark Rug Cleaning Brisbane as soon as possible so our professional rug cleaners can pick up your rug and begin working on it. For handling rug stains and dirt our rug cleaning specialists have devised a highly effective 10-stage cleaning process:


      As soon as our team arrives at your location, we check for colorfastness ahead of time. We perform UV light inspection to determine the amount of contamination in the rugs.

      Water Removal

      Our professionals try dusting to get rid of dust and sand particles on the rugs. Vacuuming helps remove the deeply ingrained dirt.

      Infected Logo

      Later, we indulge your rugs in our specialized solution. Using specific cleaning chemicals, we treat the filthy areas of the rugs.

      Hands And Gestures

      In the next step, we perform complete rug and fringe washing. We rinse your rugs thoroughly to remove any traces of stains.

      The Final Step

      We offer optional rug stain prevention and deodorizing treatment. In the final step, we dry the rugs using dehumidifiers.

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