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Persian and oriental rugs are the epitomes of sophistication and beauty. Remember the first time you unrolled this flooring? You can still feel that amazement with proper care and preserving the rug in unsuitable weather. However, you have to follow specific rules by Brisbane rug cleaning experts.

How Oriental Rugs Get Damaged in the First Place?

Before moving on to the tips, every rug owner should know the basics and why behind the actions. That will help them prevent significant damage to their floorings. So, here we go:

1. Direct Sunlight

Drying your rugs on a sunny day is a widespread practice. Sun rays eliminate the moisture along with germs in it. However, you should conduct this drying process in the morning when the sunlight is not harsh. Strictly avoid direct sunlight as they act as bleach for the rug’s dyes. They may fade the colour, and you can’t do anything about it. On top of everything, you keep half part of the flooring under the sunlight, and it may look different from the others rich in colour side.

2. Heavy Foot Traffic

Heavy traffic means unlimited dust accumulation. We understand that rugs are to protect floors and give warmth to your foot when you walk around. However, it would help if you did not keep them in a heavy traffic area. These are extremely beautiful carpetings that should be used where foot traffic is at a minimum. Place it in the dining room or in your kitchen to give them a long lifespan. Also, no matter where you keep these precious gems, rotate and clean them occasionally.

3. Pets

No matter how much we adore our furry friends, no one can deny that they can like enemies while keeping an antique rug safe and clean. Their tiny paws can be an excellent source for your flooring to accumulate dust and dirt. They generate a ton of dander, pet hair and other contaminants. Also, they have a habit of scratching upholsteries as well as carpetings. In such cases, vacuuming is not enough. You have to keep your furry baby always well-groomed. Train them to urinate in their boxes and keep a small rug for their use.

4. Outdoor Pollutants

Every time your window or door is open, the dist comes along with the air. Your shoes, pets and stains can add these pollutants to the rug. These particles attach to the fibres and never give up until you give a deep clean to the flooring with the help of the best rug cleaners.
Even stains and spills can be the enemies of your flooring. So, whenever you spot them, try blotting or calling professionals immediately. To keep dirt at bay, practice some self-discipline rituals like removing your shoes before stepping on the rug, using a doormat, etc.
Keep these points in mind, and you can take care of the flooring better than before. When you know what must be bothering your rug’s condition, you become careful about keeping it clean. Follow these hacks and contact the best rug cleaners when in doubt.

How Can Your Store Rugs Safely?

1. Choose a clean and humid-free Storage Spot

Temperature and humidity fluctuations can have a long-term impact on your rug. Avoid keeping it in places where the temperature and humidity levels will fluctuate significantly. A non-climate controlled storage facility or attic will expose your flooring to summer highs and winter lows, which are not suitable for the fibres of your carpeting. Furthermore, do not lay your flooring in a location with no natural light or ventilation. Once again, your attic, cellar, or a non-climate controlled storage container are not appropriate storage locations.

2. Clean Your Rugs Professionally

First, have a rug cleaning specialist dust and wash your rug. This process ensures that the pile of your flooring is free of dirt, moths, moth eggs, dust, and micro-dirt before storage. Clean flooring is the best for storage as these pollutants can’t harm when it’s under the covers. You don’t have to worry about pests, and only dirty flooring can attract them. They are not at all attracted to clean and smelling-good fabrics.

3. Properly Roll The Rug

Rolling a carpet, mainly if held for an extended time, can create wrinkles and damage the carpet. Rugs may get a lot of strain along the fold lines, which can cause the foundation to weaken or even shatter if it is already fragile and sensitive. Because it maintains the rug smooth, rolling huge Oriental carpets is the best way to store them.

To construct a core for rolling the rug, obtain an acid-free archival tube or a cardboard rug tube if feasible. To protect your carpet while in storage, wrap it with acid-free tissue paper if you’re using standard cardboard. To keep the piece from ripping, cover it with muslin. Roll and keep it properly to avoid damage and entry of pests or moths. No bug can enter that territory if you roll and pack them properly.

4. Give it a Layer of Protection

An outer cover provides a layer of protection for your rug from dirt and other contaminants. It may also aid in keeping bugs out of the carpeting. Breathable fabrics like cotton or muslin are great.

Wrap the cloth tightly around the tightly coiled rug. Tuck the ends of the fabric inside the tube or knot the ends together to keep it in place. To guarantee that the flooring is completely covered, choose a piece of material that can go around it at least 1.5 times and goes beyond the ends.

You may have to be careful and store it properly to preserve a rug for decades. Persian and Oriental rugs have more than 100 years if properly cared for. These floorings are treated as investments and not just another decore piece. So, follow these hacks by rug cleaning specialists and store your flooring well. All the best for the task!

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